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Workshops on all relevant topics along the biomethane value chain

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The service portfolio of agriportance GmbH enables you to gain a foothold in the biomethane market quickly and easily and to get started with our competent knowledge. For this reason, we would like to present you our services, which can be individually adapted to your demand.



The greenhouse gas balance of your biogas and/or biometh plant forms the basis for successful sustainability certification in the REDcert or ISSC system. After collecting your data with our questionnaire, you will receive your individual calculation of the greenhouse gas emissions of your biogas plant or processing plant. With this individual calculation in our GHG tool, you will most probably achieve higher CO2 savings compared to the standard values. In addition, based on this personal GHG calculation, you may achieve a higher remuneration compared to buyers of biomethane. Finally, the GHG balances can be used as evidence for lenders to substantiate the targeted GHG values and energy quantities to be produced with the planned system configuration and an assumed substrate mix. The calculation is based on the legal basis of RED II (Renewable Energy Directive).

How do I sell biomethane and liquid CO2?

In order to enable you to successfully market your high-quality biomethane with a high added value, we introduce you to well-known customers from the fuel industry who are subject to quotas. Our goal is to create the highest added value on the part of the producer and thus enable him to receive the best possible remuneration. For this reason, we respond to your individual requirements and support you in drafting the contract.

In case you are planning to liquefy CO2 or are already doing so, we would also be happy to connect you with CO2 buyers in your region. This CO2 is used in the beverage industry or in greenhouses, among other things, and creates an additional source of income for you. The demand for green CO2 is constantly increasing. We would also be happy to advise you on solutions in the field of CO2 storage (CCS).

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